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We specialise in the repair of household appliances including washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers,  cooker hoods, cookers, ovens, hobs, microwave ovens, and waste disposals. Whether your oven is giving you trouble, your dishwasher needs fixing, or your washing machine requires maintenance, our team of skilled technicians is here to help. We are proficient in diagnosing and resolving a wide range of appliance issues promptly and efficiently.

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Washing Machine repairs

Our washing machine repair service at Main Electrical & Appliance Services guarantees skilled expertise and efficient solutions, restoring your appliance to optimal performance in no time.
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Dishwasher Repairs

We can diagnose and fix most problems with dishwashers from a wide range of manufacturers.  We have fast access to spare parts which all come with a 12 month waranty
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Oven / Cooker repairs

Ovens can suffer from a number of problems.  With access to an extensive parts network our experienced technicians can diagnose and fix your appliance in a timely manner

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Fridge / Freezer Repairs

Two common fridge/freezer problems include temperature inconsistencies, and compressor issues, often marked by unusual noises or the inability of the fridge/freezer to cool adequately.  Our  fridge/freezer repair service offers swift and effective solutions to help keep your food fresh or frozen. Our expert technicians diagnose and rectify issues promptly, ensuring your fridge/freezer operates efficiently.

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Extractor Hood Repairs

At Main Electrical & Appliance Services, we undertake all kitchen extractor hood repairs, ensuring that your ventilation system functions efficiently to remove cooking odors and maintain air quality. Our skilled technicians diagnose and address common issues promptly, ensuring your kitchen remains fresh and odor-free.

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Tumble Dryer Repairs

Common tumble dryer problems include inadequate heat, resulting in damp clothes, and malfunctioning timers, leading to incomplete drying cycles. At Main Electrical & Appliance Services, we offer expert tumble dryer repair services to swiftly address these issues and ensure your laundry dries efficiently every time.

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Waste Disposal Units

Frequent issues with kitchen garbage disposal units include clogs due to improper disposal of waste and motor failures leading to non-functionality. We can address these common problems, by restoring the functionality of your garbage disposal unit and keeping your kitchen clean and efficient.


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